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6 tips on how to include a link in an SMS without scaring recipients away

People may be scared of clicking links in SMS messages because they are concerned with potential security risks. Some people may fear that the link may lead to a phishing website or malware being installed on their device. Or perhaps the link is from an unknown sender and can be a spam message which could lead to unwanted charges. Finally, it could be a scam that could lead to financial loss or identity theft.

People are naturally cautious clicking links in a SMS messages, especially if the sender is unknown or if the message seems suspicious in any way.

So let’s look at ways to avoid scaring people away, when adding a link in an SMS:

1. Use trustworthy domains (or subdomains), so that the recipient knows that you are not directing them to some foreign destination. Naturally, using your own domain would be the best option.

2. Personalize your copy. Use first names and other key data that proves to your recipients that you know them.

3. Create message copy that makes sense. Although it might sound obvious, you need to always consider that the context of your message makes sense to your recipients.

4. Provide information about the link's destination. This can include the website name, the purpose of the link, and a brief description of the content that can be found at the other end.

5. Include a piece of contact information in your message copy so that people can clearly see that you have no problem identifying yourself. A name, phone number, email or an address would work fine.

6. Include a disclaimer that the link is safe to click and that the recipient's information will not be shared or used without their consent. However, as texting is usually not free, it might not be ideal or even necessary if you have already implemented some of the above tips.

Implementing the above tips will increase the link click-through rate (CTR) and your overall communication success. However, in order to sustain your CTR over time you need to not only implement the above tips consistently, you also need to make sure that your copy motivates your audience to engage with your communication. Consider the SMS message copy the equivalent to the email subject line. The link CTR is heavily dependent on the quality of your copy.

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