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7 Reasons Why Rispons Gets You The Highest Survey Response Rates

The most successful survey is often measured by the response rate, which basically means, how many of the pool of people surveyed completed and submitted the survey. At Rispons we focus on bringing this key performance indicator to an absolute maximum and to create value for any business or entity that attempts to survey an audience. Here is how we do it:

1. The distribution channel: Reaching your audience effectively is one of the most important factors to increase your response rate significantly. While email is the most widely used distribution channel, it is not the most effective one at all. The reason is simply, that we get too many emails to allow ourselves to deep dive in any email that is not either important or urgent. However, by distributing your surveys via SMS and bypassing a saturated channel, you will experience a significant reach and a highly improved attention right away. 2. Make it mobile: It should sound obvious to do that, but just think about how many surveys you get on email. With Rispons we take mobile to the next level by making every landing page mobile-first instead of responsive. The difference is that responsive designs often fail because they are made for desktop-first and therefore must transform to various mobile devices. With Rispons we make it mobile-first to make sure everything runs perfectly on handheld devices. 3. Choose a converting format: As in any other type of digital communication, conversion is what counts. While emails convert poorly, Rispons lets you create mobile-first landing pages with extreme ease, to engage and convert at the highest level. This means that every survey is displayed on the landing page, which is accessed directly from the SMS. No other format converts better. 4. Be direct and personal: Nothing is more personal than your phone number. It’s how friends and family connect with you. Rispons helps you reach your audience and to personalize your messaging so that you engage effectively via a channel that is not saturated or spammed with low-value content. Use the opportunity to engage directly and personally with your audience, but make sure you don’t abuse the channel once you start seeing amazing results. 5. Show entire survey: One of the reasons people often skip surveys is that they can’t tell how much effort it takes to complete them. With surveys made in Rispons, all questions are visible without making a single click between pages. This lets the people understand that the effort is manageable and that it will only require a brief moment of their time to complete. 6. Leave out any barriers: It’s all about making it easy. If you force people to make clicks, enter any type of information, register or use passwords, or anything else to start the survey, they will most likely skip your survey. Make sure that there are no barriers to start your survey of any sorts. 7. Survey length: We left the most obvious for last. The shorter the surveys the higher the completion rate. Let’s face it, nobody really likes spending 20 minutes of their lives on a survey, especially if there is no incentive. With Rispons we encourage shorter surveys and higher frequencies and not vice versa.

These are the reasons that Rispons will get you the absolute highest survey response rates possible. Our survey tool is simply fun, fast and easy to create, and thankfully just as fun, fast and easy to complete. Once you execute your first survey, you will never send another survey by email!

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