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7 Stats That Will Make You Start Using SMS For Your Business

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

If you have not already noticed that email is a saturated channel that requires you to be some kind of email marketing guru to get ahead of your fellow email marketers out there, then you should definitively take a look at SMS.

SMS (Short Message Service) is a highly engaging communication channel with a number of statistics to support its effectiveness. Here are a few statistics on SMS engagement:

1. Open rates: SMS messages have an open rate of 98%, which is significantly higher than the open rate for emails, which is around 20%. 2. Response rates: SMS messages have a response rate of 45%, which is much higher than the response rate for emails, which is around 6%. 3. Delivery rates: SMS messages have a delivery rate of nearly 100%, as they are delivered directly to the recipient's mobile device, whereas emails can be blocked or filtered into spam folders. 4. Click-through rates: SMS messages have a click-through rate of around 36%, which is significantly higher than the click-through rate for emails, which is around 3%. 5. Time to read: The average time it takes for a person to read an SMS is just 90 seconds, compared to the average time of 90 minutes it takes to read an email, making the Time to read 60 times faster than email. 6. ROI: SMS marketing has a median ROI of 122%, which is four to five times higher than other digital marketing channels. 7. Conversion rate: SMS has been shown to increase conversion rates by as much as 30%.

These statistics demonstrate that SMS is a highly engaging communication channel that can be very effective for reaching and connecting with your target audience.

However, you might think that SMS is a one-legged monster compared to email because it does not allow you to communicate rich content such as (pictures, buttons, forms, surveys, videos, files, etc.). This used to be true, however, not anymore.

With you can mitigate this problem by simply including a mobile-first landing page with your SMS sending with extreme ease. The all-in-one platform allows you to create your rich content landing page and send it via SMS to your target audience, while automatically tracking individual engagement in real-time. As of this moment you can still get a free account with no commitment or credit card required.

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