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8 Key Benefits of SMS compared to Email

Why even make this comparison to begin with? The reason is simply that email is becoming a significantly more saturated channel. The number of vendors is as well as the average email frequency per vendor is increasing. That’s why an average person receives 121 emails every day, which in turn leaves engagement soaring to all time lows. That’s why we even see services, whose only purpose is to structure, move or even delete incoming emails automatically.

While emails is a channel that consists of both high- and low value communication, the SMS channel has been preserved for direct, personal and high value communication only, however greatly underutilized in business.

Let’s look at 8 key benefits to using SMS (Short Message Service) as opposed to email:

1. High open rates: SMS messages have a much higher open rate than emails, as people are more likely to read a text message as soon as they receive it, whereas emails can be easily overlooked or deleted. 2. High response rates: SMS messages also tend to have higher response rates than emails, as they are more likely to prompt the recipient to take immediate action. 3. Timely delivery: SMS messages are delivered almost instantly, whereas emails can be delayed or filtered into spam folders. 4. Personalization: SMS messages feel very personal, making them more effective for marketing and other types of communication. 5. ROI: SMS campaigns generate a higher return on investment compared to email due to the higher engagement, conversion, and response. 6. Reach: SMS can reach people who are not always connected to the internet or have poor internet connection, it can reach people in remote areas or people who don't have access to an email account. 7. Urgency: SMS messages can convey a sense of urgency that can be useful in situations like appointment reminders, time-sensitive notifications and promotions. 8. Opt-in: SMS messages are typically opted-in, meaning that the recipient has agreed to receive them, making them less likely to be seen as spam.

While SMS has its benefits, it also has its limitations like character count and is usually not suitable for sending longer or more detailed communication. However,, which is often called “the MailChimp of SMS”, has changed that scenario by enabling the SMS channel with the ability to add rich media content via a trackable link. The above benefits of SMS coupled with the elimination of the character count limitations has paved the way for completely new business opportunities for businesses that want to massively increase engagement and response, hence the name Rispons.

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