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Elevate Engagement and Conversion with Mobile Power!


500% higher open rate


30% higher conversion

Unlock unparalleled engagement with Rispons' mobile messaging platform. Our micro messaging cuts through clutter, connecting more personally and effectively than email, for phenomenal engagement and conversion.

Choose Rispons, choose success!

Instant access - No commitment - No credit card 


Rispons in 3 Easy Steps

With Rispons, effortlessly reach people directly on their smartphone - no downloads necessary, for you or them. Create your first campaign completely free!

Instant access - No commitment - No credit card 

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1. Create mobile page
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2. Send it via SMS


3. Get response

See How it Works

Unleash the power of personalization with our mobile-first landing pages, delivered directly to your audience's smartphones.

Instant access - No commitment - No credit card 

What Benefit Will You Get

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"If your campaigns are not producing the desired result, then you should try Rispons. Results will significantly improve, especially when compared to mail"

Jesper B. Jensen,

Digital Communication Consultant

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"Many people don't open their emails. Rispons gives us the opportunity to reach and engage other people than those we normally do. With Rispons we recently got a conversion rate of 3.4 %, which was absolutely outstanding!”

Josephine Biker,

Customer Insights

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"Im going to think of Rispons across all the tasks we do. So where I really only thought we would use it for very specific things, I will instead implement it as an entirely independant channel"

Janne Weston,

Senior Project Manager

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"It's a very effective communication platform for our employee engagement. We use it for surveys, invitations or any type of message that we want to make sure is engaged with or requires a response"

Sandra Lindberg,

HR Specialist

Get higher engagement with Rispons in your toolbox


Easily Create a Mobile-First Landing Page 

Build personalized mobile-first landing pages in minutes. With our intuitive editor, you can include surveys, forms, buttons and more to really engage your audience!

Instant access - No commitment - No credit card 

Instant access - No commitment - No credit card 


Send it to People 
via SMS

Send your landing page directly to people via SMS and get maximum and instant response that no email can compete with. Or publish your page online with a single click!


Automatically Track Engagement

Automatically get insights on each recipients engagement and understand precisely who, when and how they interacted with your message.

Instant access - No commitment - No credit card 

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